Is traveling alone as woman safe in Iran?

How is Solo Female traveler in Iran? In a morning, while having breakfast with your family, you tell them about your decision for a solo trip. Hearing that might not be a surprise for your family as you have done solo trips before. They glimpse at you and then keep eating their breakfast. After a […]

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Wonderful villages of Iran! (Makhunik)

The people of this village did not drink tea, hunt and eat meat at all until 50 years ago. And they still don’t smoke. Entering TV to this village meant the entrance of the devil. The village in Iran that is one of the seven wonderful villages in the world, where? Makhunik village, Birjand, south […]

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Wonderful villages of Iran! (Ab-e Ask)

Ab-e Ask village

The only village where women rule one day a year in Iran Ab-e Ask village, Larijan, Mazandaran One day in May, women are the ruler. This ancient tradition called “the Queen” is held by the residents of Ab-E Ask village which is located before the city of Amol. Usually this day is chosen by the […]

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Wonderful villages of Iran! (Sarakhiye)


A village that there is a river in the middle of and people use boats to go through it. Here is Venice of Iran. Sarakhiye Village, Shadegan International Wetland, Khuzestan Shadegan International Wetland, recognized as an important international wetland, despite its rich biodiversity and abundant tourist attractions, is unfortunately still unknown in the country and […]

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Wonderful villages of Iran! (Sar-e-Agha Seyed)

Sar-e-Agha Seyed Village

Time stops in this village, its architecture is originaland amazing,and people have maintained their authenticity. Where is the mysteriousvillage in Iran that people have no communication to world out there for six months of year? Sar-e-Agha Seyed Village in ChaharmahalBakhtiari It is one of the few villages where people, especially women and girls, use full […]

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Wonderful villages of Iran! (Meymand)

Wonderful villages of Iran! Twelve thousand years of history, preserving originality and using wooden keys… Where is the village of Iranian cavemen which is in the world heritage list? The rock village of Meymand in Shahr-e-Babak is the most ancient settlement of human in Iran and the world. Meymand is a rock village dates back […]

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