Nawrouz, Novruz, Nowrouz, Nowrouz, Nawrouz, Nauryz, Nooruz, Nowruz, Navruz, Nevruz, Nowruz, Navruz

Nowruz, that is on Farvardin first, is the beginning day of the New Iranian Year and one of the oldest celebrations left from antiquity. The origin of Nowruz is in ancient Iran and people still celebrate Nowruz in different parts of Iran’s plateau. At the beginning of spring, we hold Nowruz celebration. In Iran and Afghanistan that the Solar Hijri calendar is used in, it is officially the beginning of the New Year. But in many other countries that the gregorian calendar is used, it is the celebration of the beginning of spring. When death earth starts to breathe again, life comes back to nature, people are getting ready for New Year, and children are the happiest. A long-lasting holiday is coming for them. Older people give them money as a gift for the New Year. There is so much to do in the New Year holiday and even before it. There are many ceremonies we hold every year like:

Jumping Festival (ChaharshanbeSoori):

it is an ancient celebrationdates back to Iran before Islam, when Zoroastrianism thatis one of the world’s oldest continuously practiced religions was the most popular religion in Iran.The philosophy behind Jumping Festival comes from the Zoroastrianism, that fireis sacred in it. People jump over the fire and sing a song which mean “get all my yellowness (illness symbol) and give me your redness (health symbol). Sadness go please! Happiness come to us! “

House cleaning (KhuneTekuni):

It isn’t like a ceremony, but it’s one of the traditions that Iranian hold every year before Nowruz. All the family members gather together to wash the carpets, curtains and dishesswipe the floors and dust all the glasses, walls and furniture. It normally takes two to four days to clean all the house. Finally everything in the house is cleaned and washed. For Iranian, it is a symbolic action they do to clean their hearts and get rid of all bad vibes.

Seven-S Table Setting (Haft-sin):

This is the most exciting part! It’s something like decorating Christmas tree! All family members gather together to do this, they grow a plate of wheat named “Sabze” which is the symbol of rebirth and living again, almost a couple of weeks before Nowruz to put it on Haft-Sin table.There are ten items on Haft-Sin table.The name of seven items start with letter “s” in Persian, which are apple, coin, hyacinths, sumac, samanu,garlic,Vinegar. Each item is a symbol. They symbols of life,the health, beauty, rebirth and generosity. There some more items that they have been added to Haft-Sin table through the time, likeKoran which has been added after Islam entered to Iran. Mirror, Hafez’s poems book, colored eggs and sweets.

Nature day (Sizdah-Bedar):

People go to picnic with their families on Farvardin (the first Persian month) thirteenth. They chat, laugh, eat, drink and play together.


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