Tabari New Year’s

The Tabari (Mazandarani) calendar is a type of Sassanid calendar, that there are 365 days in a year which consists of twelve 30-day months. The beginning of the Tabari year coincides with the reign of Sassanid Qubad and the reign of his son, Chios, at Tabaristan. The Tabari year begins in Fardine month (August) and ends in Nowruz month (July).

Year celebration:

The celebration coincided with the warm season in August. The New Year’s Eve celebration was actually a tribute or a harvest celebration. Local rulers celebrated the harvest at the time of the harvest and received their ransom. Farmers participated in the celebration after they harvest. Celebrating and cooking local foods and pastries is a Tabari New Year celebration in Mazandaran. On New Year’s Eve, people would visit mourning families, elders and replace the mourning clothes with bright color ones. Wearing New Year’s Eve and bright color clothes and cooking was one of the rituals held by the people of Mazandaran on Tabari New Year’s Eve.


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