Explore Iran

Explore Iran
  • Tour Name: Explore Iran
  • Duration: 9 days
  • From: On Request
  • Explore Iran trough 9 days!
  • Touch pure Iran’s culture in the most famous Iranian cities.
Tour Map

Explore Iran trough 9 days! From glorious gardens city to the capital. The first city that you enter from your home country is Shiraz. Then we have Yazd, Isfahan, Kashan and one more city on the road. Tour services include transportation, accommodation, breakfast and a professional tour guide.

Day 1:

Home Country to Shiraz: Arrive and check-in to your hotel at any time.

Day 2:

PersepolisShiraz: After a late breakfast we will proceed with a tour of Persepolis before returning to Shiraz city for a little bit of sightseeing.

Nasir ol-Molk mosque, Half day tour to Persepolis (UNESCO Site) and Rock tombs of Naqsh-e Rostam (UNESCO Site) are our must-sees items for this day.

Day 3:

Third day of the tour in Shiraz, which is known for its splendid gardens, exquisite mosques and famous poets, consist of these sites: Imamzadeh Ali Ebn-e Hamze shrine, Tomb of Hafez, Eram garden (UNESCO Site), Madraseh-ye Khan and having free time at Vakil bazaar.

Day 4:

Yazd: A short drive first takes us to the ruins of Pasargadae which is said to be one of the oldest cities in the world then we proceed to Yazd (Na'in). Today we will see Tomb of Cyrus (UNESCO Site), Friday Mosque of Yazd (UNESCO Site) and old town of Yazd (UNESCO Site).

Day 5:

Isfahan: After a short sightseeing in Na'in then we head to Isfahan, then we check into our hotel and after that we can visit famous bridges at sunset. we will visit Zoroastrian fire temple, Towers of Silence burial grounds, Na'in Friday mosque and Zayandeh river bridge (Khaju) on the fifth day of explore Iran tour.

Day 6:

Isfahan is a place you can see pure Persian culture and get lost in its old bazaar. Ali Qapu Palace & Chehel Sotun Palace (UNESCO Site) , Imam Square (UNESCO Site), Sheikh Lotfollah &Imam Mosque and Free time at Bazaar are our items on our time table.

Day 7:

Kashan: On the way back to Tehran we stop to see 6000_year_old Kashan city. Our sightseeing in Kashan includes: Vank Cathedral at Armenian quarter Jolfa, Fin garden (UNESCO Site) and House of trader family Borujerdis.

Day 8:

Tehran: After breakfast we visit some of the best museums in the capital and a little bit sightseeing is in the plan like: National Museum, Golestan Palace (UNESCO Site), Tehran Bazaar, Jewelry Museum and Nature Bridge.

Day 9:

After breakfast you are free to depart anytime.


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Hotel and ecolodge.


Coach / Bus, Mini-coach

Places You’ll See

What is included?

Private airport transfer (ARR. & DEP.)
8 Nights Standard Hotel accommodation
Full-time Dedicated Vehicle for all transports
All mentioned sightseeing
Full-time Experienced Local guide
Visa support & reference code
Meals (B/B )

What is not included?

Tips & Portages
International airfare
Personal insurance
Visa stamp fee
Meeting With people Price

Frequently asked questions

Do I need visa?

Yes, here you can find everything you need to know about visa.

Can I buy SIM card?

Yes, you can buy an MTN Irancell SIM card in all the cities in Iran and use its 4G internet and calling services easily.

Do you offer personal insurance?

No, we do not offer personal insurance.

Do you offer travel insurance?

Yes, our company, as one the most professional tour operators in Iran, offers almost all services related to traveling include travel insurance to the our customers.

How can I exchange my money?

You can change it at airports and currency exchange shops.

Is there safe in Iran?

Iran is one of the safest countries in the Middle East with the most hospitable people. According to telegraph.co.uk Iran safety rate is 5.7 which demonstrates that Iran is even safer than countries like Poland, Russia etc. …