Persian Gardens

Persian Gardens
  • Tour Name: Persian Gardens
  • Duration: 15 days
  • From: On Request
  • Getting lost in the most fascinating Persian gardens!
  • Get to know the concept of a Persian Paradise Garden!

You land in Shiraz from your home country and say goodbye to Iran in Tehran. It takes 15 days to see amazing Persian gardens and a little bit sightseeing. The tour consists Shiraz, Yazd, Kerman, Isfahan, Tehran, and some other cities. Tour services include accommodation in a hotel or ecolodge as well as flights, an expert guide, transport and more.

Tour Map

Day 1:

Home Country to Shiraz


Day 2:

Shiraz: Get to know the concept of a Persian Paradise Garden. Here we go, one the most beautiful gardens in the world is waiting for us, Eram garden at the heart of Shiraz city. Then we head to the tombs of the most famous Iranian poets, Hafez and Saadi. Next we visit Narenjestan garden and Vakil Mosque. Finally with having free time in Bazaar we finish the second day in Shiraz.


Day 3:

Pasargadae & Persepolis: Here we Visit the remains of the world’s oldest Garden at the ruins of Pasargadae. Then we head to tomb of Cyrus the Great, Persepolis and Naqshe Rostam three items of UNESCO World Heritage list.


Day 4:

Shiraz Kerman: Lift the Secret of Sirjan’s Stone Garden. On the road to Sirjan from Shiraz, in Sarvestan, we visit ruins of Sasanid hunting lodge. Driving by Bakhtegan Lake us to stone garden in Sirjan.


Day 5:

Kerman – Mahan: Get fascinated by the beautiful Shazdeh Garden in the midst of desert waste land. Shahzadeh Garden (UNESCO World Heritage), Shah Nematollah Vali Shrine, Rayen Historical Castle and Kerman Historic Bazar are our must-see items in the fifth day of the tour.


Day 6:

Kerman Birjand: Drive by the Lut desert, known as the hottest place on earth in summer and enjoy view over scurrile Mountainside of Merikhi. Lut desert at Shahdad (UNESCO Nature Heritage)   and Merikhi mountainside have been the most exciting places in the tours.


Day 7:

Birjand Tabas: Enjoy the Cheshm-e Ali Canyon before reaching Tabas, the green pearl in Kavir desert. The day includes visiting: Akbariye Garden (UNESCO World Heritage), Picnic at desert village Deyhook, Canyon with mixed hot and cold springs at Cheshme Ali and Golshan Garden of Tabas.


Day 8:

Tabas Yazd: We cross Kavir desert to reach famous desert pearl Yazd. Then we enjoy a picnic at the ruins of desert village Kharanaq. After that Visit of Chak Chak – the hidden temple of Zoroastrians and Towers of Silence in Yazd (UNESCO World Heritage) is included.


Day 9:

Yazd: Enjoy the biggest desert city in the world & learn about the citizens’ techniques to survive in the desert. In Water museum we find out how Ghanat (artificial spring) works. Next we have a little sightseeing that includes: Dowlatabad Garden (UNESCO World Heritage), Friday Mosque (UNESCO World Heritage) and Yazd Historic district (UNESCO World Heritage).


Day 10:

Yazd - Esfahan: Pass by the southern end of Kavir desert and see a traditional Caravanserai and icehouse. Then on the road to Isfahan we stop at Nain and visit Friday Mosque of Nain. After checking in our hotel we walk along Zayandeh Rud River with its famous bridges in Esfahan.


Day 11:

Esfahan: Enjoy the royal splendor of the ancient capital of Persia and learn how the Safavid Kings transformed a whole city into a Paradise Garden. Our plan of sightseeing in Isfahan is to visit:

Imam Square (UNESCO World Heritage), Sheikh Lotfallah & Imam Mosque (UNESCO World Heritage), Ali Qapu (UNESCO World Heritage) and Chehel Sotun (UNESCO World Heritage). At the end of this day we have a little free time at Esfahan Historic Bazar.


Day 12:

Esfahan: Stay one more day in Esfahan. Isfahan is known as Iran’s cultural capital. Since there are lots of things to see to feel the real culture of Iran. You will be really amazed when you visit such artistic items like:  Friday mosque (UNESCO World Heritage), Armenian Quarter and Vank Cathedral (UNESCO World Heritage), Music museum and Abbasi Hotel / Garden.


Day 13:

EsfahanKashan - Tehran: Visit one of the most ancient villages of Iran and learn about the cruel crime that happened in famous Fin Garden of Kashan. Abyane mountain village, Fin Garden (UNESCO World Heritage), House of merchant family Tabatabai and Mirza Bozorg Mosque and Madrasa are included.


Day 14:

Tehran: Understand the transformation of classic gardens into parks in a city tour through Iran’s vivid capital. The sightseeing plan includes: Golestan Palace (UNESCO World Heritage), Laleh Park, Museum of Modern Arts, Milad Tower, Abo Atash park and Tabiyat-bridge


Day 15:

Flight back to your home country


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What is included?

Private airport transfer (ARR. & DEP.)
8 Nights Standard Hotel accommodation
Full-time Dedicated Vehicle for all transports
All mentioned sightseeing
Full-time Experienced Local guide
Visa support & reference code
Meals (B/B )

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Tips & Portages
International airfare
Personal insurance
Visa stamp fee
Meeting With people Price

Frequently asked questions

Do I need visa?

Yes, here you can find everything you need to know about visa.

Can I buy SIM card?

Yes, you can buy an MTN Irancell SIM card in all the cities in Iran and use its 4G internet and calling services easily.

Do you offer personal insurance?

No, we do not offer personal insurance.

Do you offer travel insurance?

Yes, our company, as one the most professional tour operators in Iran, offers almost all services related to traveling include travel insurance to the our customers.

How can I exchange my money?

You can change it at airports and currency exchange shops.

Is there safe in Iran?

Iran is one of the safest countries in the Middle East with the most hospitable people. According to Iran safety rate is 5.7 which demonstrates that Iran is even safer than countries like Poland, Russia etc. …