Tehran Sightseeing Tour

Tehran Sightseeing Tour
  • Tour Name: Tehran Sightseeing Tour
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Tehran boasts the second largest metropolitan area of the Middle East after Cairo. This latter revelation is enough to make it a high-priority tourist destination. It is no secret that Tehran is a massive trade center in western Asia. Highways packed with cars, markets brimming with tradesmen and their boisterous customers and the lofty elegance of an abundance of skyscrapers and towers, are the most prevalent sights. But Tehran has another less conspicuous image. Having secured its place as the political and economic capital of Iran, Tehran is also its cultural and artistic center. Tehran sightseeing tours include visits to an impressive museum of contemporary arts that houses the largest collection of modern art outside Europe and the United States. The last thing you expect in a city tour in the Middle east is coming across a Picasso cubist masterpiece or a work of sheer modern horror by Frances Bacon. Tehran daily tours with their professional staff of English-speaking tour guides will lead you through Tehran Museum of Contemporary Arts and many other museums and art galleries. Tehran has been the capital of Iran for over two centuries and as a consequence contains a rich array of historic monuments and edifices from grand royal palaces to old city squares and buildings which will make a perfect city sightseeing experience. Furthermore, Tehran is often the first stop for the foreign tourists and as a result, hundreds of travel agencies have formed themselves around its huge metropolitan area to handle this great deluge of visitors. Finding a topnotch travel agency in Tehran is easy as they are accessible via their websites. Another exclusive advantage of a city tour in Tehran are hop on hop off red buses with open tops which enables the tourists to travel around Tehran in a moving red balcony!


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