Wonderful villages of Iran! (Ab-e Ask)

Ab-e Ask village

The only village where women rule one day a year in Iran

Ab-e Ask village, Larijan, Mazandaran

One day in May, women are the ruler. This ancient tradition called “the Queen” is held by the residents of Ab-E Ask village which is located before the city of Amol. Usually this day is chosen by the village elders. Early in the morning, when the sun had not yet risen, the women of the village prepare their men’s lunch-boxes and one-day travel packs. Men, from 50 to 5, should not stay in the village. Women should make sure all the men left the village for their one-day reign!

A woman in village is going to be queen, another one minister, bride and guardian and ruler have to be there, in the village. But the soldiers are the busiest of them all, they must report the situation on a regular basis to the Queen. According to the Queen’s order, tourists shouldn’t use a camera or mobile phone at the village during the event.The next priority is to visit the patients, so they visit the families that they have patient in their home.

Congratulating to the new brides is the duty of the symbolic bride of the village. The queen of the village, is chosen out of the prominent women of the village on this day, she must solve problems of the women of the village, and so if a woman complains about another, she should go public to solve the problem.


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