Wonderful villages of Iran! (Sar-e-Agha Seyed)

Sar-e-Agha Seyed Village

Time stops in this village, its architecture is originaland amazing,and people have maintained their authenticity.

Where is the mysteriousvillage in Iran that people have no communication to world out there for six months of year?

Sar-e-Agha Seyed Village in ChaharmahalBakhtiari

It is one of the few villages where people, especially women and girls, use full local clothing. Still, the woman and the girl in this village are spouse to take the mountain and the desert and carry the heavy firewood to the village. Still, instead of gas capsules and oil lamps, the fire of wood make the homes warm and produce heat for cooking. The culture of urbanization has not yet penetrated the village, though it has grown at a strange way and soon will make anyone accept it.

A 74-year-old man called Seyed Shah Mohammad Dadvar has written Quran in this village with his beautiful handwriting.The old man learned the calligraphy from his ancestors and even painted the illumination of Quran by himself. The road to the village has been cut off by the first winter snowfall, and people who have stayed in the village and have not been to the surrounding area of Fereidounshahr or Khuzestan have been living behind the snow for at least 6 months.

This village with beautiful traditional architecture is one of the most amazing villages in the country. The houses in this village are made of clay and mud, creating a cozy, intimate atmosphere. The houses are chained together and there is a special bond.


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