Wonderful villages of Iran! (Sarakhiye)


A village that there is a river in the middle of and people use boats to go through it.

Here is Venice of Iran.

Sarakhiye Village, Shadegan International Wetland, Khuzestan

Shadegan International Wetland, recognized as an important international wetland, despite its rich biodiversity and abundant tourist attractions, is unfortunately still unknown in the country and even in Khuzestan province.Since the alleyways of Sarakhiye village are in the middle of the water, we call here as Venice of Iran.

It is a vast ecological system consisting of freshwater and saltwater wetlands. The wetland is located downstream of the Jarahi river between the cities of Shadegan, Abadan and Mahshahr in Khuzestan province and finally joins the Persian Gulf.Important and unique features of the Shadegan Wetland include the large scale, naturalness, biodiversity and the role plays in providing  local resident’s economy.


The three major cities of Shadegan, Abadan and Mahshahr and a number of villages are adjacent to the wetland, as well as two villages are within the wetland.Shadegan and surrounding villages are historically dependent on wetlands for livelihoods.


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